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Today globalization means more international trade, enhanced by new technological communication systems for which the Internet is the main tool.

Knowing foreign languages can make the difference as they facilitate relationships with new clients, thereby strengthening your presence in foreign markets.

Your image and success depend on your ability to overcome the language barrier.

Make use of EUROTRAD's services aimed at expanding your contact with the world:


  • Technical translations
    Contract tenders, instruction manuals, scientific documents, homologations, patents, technical and safety sheets, specifications, projects.
  • Legal translations
    Incorporations, contracts, lawsuits, negotiations, deeds of sale, etc.
  • Sworn and authenticated translations
    Reports, licenses, guardianships, divorces and separations, proxies, international adoptions, birth certificates, diplomas, etc.
  • Marketing translations
    Advertisements, leaflets, brochures, pamphlets, company prospectuses.
  • Business translations
    Correspondence, letters of presentation, product or service offers, financial reports, ISO certifications..
  • IT translations
    Instruction manuals, equipment, software, computer games, programs.
  • Medical translations
    Scientific articles, pharmacology, medical records.
  • Translations of literature
    Articles, magazines, novels, press releases.
  • Internet translations


  • Business meetings, general meetings, business negotiations, company visits, exhibitions, work meetings, receiving foreign delegations.


  • Site visits, technical problem solving, etc.


  • Hostesses, interpreters for shows around the world.
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