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Translating and interpreting are two completely different forms of communication: the first being written and the last being oral.

Translators do not usually work as interpreters and vice versa.

Indeed, the ability to listen to a speech in one language while translating it into another language with precision and clarity requires specific training, talent and special skills in human relations.

This is the job of an interpreter.

Which are the different types of interpreting?

The three most common types of interpreting used in different business contexts are: liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Liaison interpreting
This form of interpreting is suitable for small business meetings or informal meetings for which only a few people need the assistance of an interpreter.

Small business negotiations, site visits, exhibitions and fairs in your country or abroad: we can manage all of this for your success.

Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is used for formal meetings in which a greater number of people participate.

This method is slower as consecutive interpreting is performed at intervals set by the interpreter, who usually writes down the main information and regularly reproduces the contents of the speech.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting, generally known as conference interpreting, is used for big multinational meetings.

Interpreting is performed simultaneously with only 2/3 second delay.

Interpreters work inside a booth; due to the effort of concentration they make, they must take turns with another interpreter every 30 minutes or so.

Using a microphone, our simultaneous interpreters transfer the translated speech to the participants wearing head-sets.

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