Traduzioni legali

Negotiation interpreting

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The interpreting of negotiations requires a thorough preparation by the interpreter who will have to memorize short passages and without the help of notes reformulate them from time to time in the language of the listener. This type of interpretation is generally used on occasions such as institutional interviews, diplomatic meetings, trade negotiations, round tables, visits by foreign delegations, cultural or sporting events, meetings or business lunches, to promote communication between small groups of people of different languages and nationalities.

Technical and commercial interpreting

Technical and commercial interpretation usually takes place at the customer’s premises or in the field to solve specific problems of a technical/commercial nature or in the context of fairs and events. This type of interpretation requires precise knowledge of technical or commercial topics, the customer’s technical and specific terms, as well as mastery of the role of intermediary and linguistic and cultural mediator.

Trade fair interpreting

Big fairs have become increasingly international events in which companies from many different countries participate and for this reason, the only way to allow exhibitors and visitors to communicate effectively is to contact professional interpreters. The interpretation required at fairs and conferences facilitates relations between partners from different countries. Our professional interpreters are therefore best able to meet your specific requests (even those of a highly technical nature).

Interpreting at weddings

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For some years now, requests for interpreters for marriages with spouses of different nationalities have increased. For this purpose, foreign couples who decide to marry in Italy and do not know  Italian will have to use an interpreter in order to be able to understand the ceremony, as provided for in Articles 13 and 66 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of 3 November 2000, n. 396. In addition to the provision of professional interpreters for the celebration of marriage, our agency also offers its experience in the preparation and publication of the wedding at the Civil Status Office of Verona. The newlyweds can decide whether to marry at Casa di Giulietta, Palazzo della Ragione, Museo degli Affreschi, Palazzo Barbieri  or other location.

Notary interpretation

The interpreter assists the notary in the performance of his duties.  His purpose is to allow the Notary to overcome any difficulties in communication.  The interpreter must be present at the Notary’s Office in order to translate bilingual documents and intervene with a written document translated by himself if the Parties wish to modify what was previously agreed.

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