Legal translations

What does legal translation mean?

Legal translation requires knowledge of legal obligations of both the country of origin and the country of destination. The use of the terms and the structure of the contents must be correctly transposed into the selected language.  This makes these translations more complex and sensitive than others as the process requires a translator’s knowledge of both languages and legal systems. Whether you handle foreign immigration cases, need court interpreting services, or are expanding your business into a market with new legal requirements, we’ve got you covered. 

Security and Confidentiality

Translating legal documents necessarily involves our team having access to information and documents which are highly confidential. At Eurotrad, we take the security, privacy & confidentiality concerns of our customers extremely seriously and have taken adequate steps to ensure that the confidential information of our customers is kept secure. All our staff and linguists are bound by strict confidentiality terms, and we are happy to sign client or project-specific non-disclosure agreements when requested.


Separation and divorce

The separation and divorce of citizens of different countries are becoming more frequent. As a consequence there is a need to translate the relevant acts and documents, for example consensual separation, joint divorce, judicial separation and judicial divorce. The documentation to be translated is usually given to us by the interested parties or by the law firms with which we work.


Deeds of incorporation and chamber of commerce certificates

The internationalisation of economies both at European and global level is increasingly leading companies to cooperate, compete and venture into the marketplace; for this reason it is obligatory to provide translation and authentication of deeds of incorporation, statutes and chamber of commerce certificates..


Contract and legal relationship

As translation service providers for the legal and financial sector we understand the importance of translating contracts, financial documents and legal relationships accurately. In order to carry this out all our translation projects are quality controlled.


Contracts for buying and selling, notarial deeds and power of attorney

If you need to buy or sell a property abroad or if one of the parties does not understand the official language in which the deed is drafted, you will need to have the document translated into a foreign language. With the original document the notary will enclose the translation which will have the same legal value as the Italian and protect the other party who may have little or no knowledge of the language.


Civil status documents

Certificates, extracts and full birth, marriage and death certificates. In accordance with Italian law, all certificates in foreign languages must be translated and authenticated in order to be used in Italy. Most often translation into Italian is required for application for citizenship, registration with the municipality of residence, notarial practices. For those who move abroad for study or work purposes, the same certificates of civil status in Italian must be translated, authenticated and legalized in the language of the country of destination.


Intellectual property patents, trademarks and documents

Translation of patents for validation in Italy, translation of foreign language patents by extension abroad, translation of official communications and decisions, priority translations, translation of oppositions, appeals, technical pleadings and appeals to the EPO, translation of trade marks

Our experience tells that each project is different, therefore, setting a fixed price for all translations can be ineffective and unfavourable for our clients. Consequently, when calculating the price for a translation, our agency approaches each project individually, taking into the account a number of factors such as volume or languages required. This allows us to offer very competitive prices and flexibility, ensuring that your documents or projects are always uniquely assessed. 

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