Sworn translations

The sworn or authenticated  translation is nothing more than an official translation of the document which, due of the authentication of the translation, maintains the same legal value as the original. The oath is to be sworn at the Court of First Instance.

  • Birth certificates;
  • Marriage certificates;
  • Death certificates;
  • Other civil status certificates.

diploma di laurea

  • Degrees;
  • School certificates;
  • Master's certificates;
  • Other qualifications.

  • Motoring documents; 
  • Driving licences.

  • Professional certificates;
  • Curricula Vitae.

  • Criminal record certificates;
  • Police records.


  • Separation judgments; 
  • Divorce judgments.

Our experience tells that each project is different, therefore, setting a fixed price for all translations can be ineffective and unfavourable for our clients. Consequently, when calculating the price for a translation, our agency approaches each project individually, taking into the account a number of factors such as volume or languages required. This allows us to offer very competitive prices and flexibility, ensuring that your documents or projects are always uniquely assessed. 

To receive information about our sworn translation service, contact us at: info@eurotraduzioni.com. We will give you all the information you need, without obligation.

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